"Operation Foxhunt" was the United States Government's number one top secret project. Every angle was covered, Every system was checked, rechecked and then checked again. It was only a test mission but it was also the President's "baby",
and when the world's most sophisticated and impregnable airplane was being introduced to the press and a national TV audience simultaneously the President made it plain --- "Nothing had better go wrong"! But something did go wrong, very wrong! The X-1000 roared down the runway piloted by the Air Force's number one pilot, Major Doug Bickford. It carried only a six hour fuel supply. It was to rendezvous with three other jets somewhere over the Bermuda Triangle --- three other jets that weren't there at rendezvous time. Three other jets that weren't anywhere! In an instant they had vanished without a trace.
As the X-1000 approached the rendezvous point, it too, disappeared. The three chase jets were not to be heard from again. But the X-1000 landed safely on the same runway it took off from some eleven hours later. It hadn't landed anywhere in between yet it still carried better than half it's fuel supply. It also carried one confused pilot. Major Bickford's confusion was soon to lead to anger and retirement. Accompanied by gorgeous New York Daily News reporter Gabriel Prentis and a "quack" college professor named Mark Townsend, Doug Bickford plays sky detective as his determination to locate his three missing comrades grows. Little did he know that the theories that Mark Townsend had about all the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle - the same theories that caused his reputation as a quack...were deadly accurate.  Follow this daring trio through flying saucer encounters, time travel and confrontations with one stumbling block after another as they attempt to unravel the mystery and rescue the missing pilots. Discover with them the location of every plane and ship that has ever disappeared in the triangle.
Suffer with them Mark Townsend's horrible death, and feel the love between Doug and Gabriel grow until finally their mission completed, and the mystery solved, they start for home -- a home they may not see again for a long long time -- if at all.
Available to all serious investors, Producers,directors, studios and literary agents


He had killed before - many times.  He had a diabolical ability for premeditated murder and mutilation.  He hated women and periodically went on a killing spree.  Each slaying followed a distinct pattern.  The women were stabbed through the throat and sprawled naked atop a nude photograph of themselves.
Over the years he would murder four or five women at a time and disappear leaving no clues.  Now he was back.  He was also a cop.  He'd made detective with the Los Angeles Police Department.  He was a well-respected citizen in the community and well liked by his peers.  Having advanced through the ranks, he was well trained in police procedure and criminology.  He was intimately exposed to the personal lives of his fellow detectives. 
Triggered by an overheard conversation, the killer/detective uncontrollably strikes, committing two murders within the jurisdiction of his own precinct.  Fellow detectives Steve Brannigan and Tony Gianelli are assigned to handle the case.  These homicides match the killer's M.O., but this time the investigation reveals a clue.
Found clutched in one of the victim's hand is a safety strap from a custom made policeman's holster.  With only six of these special holsters in existence, Brannigan and Gianelli are now aware that the killer is one of their own.  Realizing his error, the killer covers up by creating a maze of confusion and framing his fellow detective, Norman Gold.
Gold is arrested and passionately murdered before he can be brought to trial.  The case is stamped "CLOSED" and the women of L.A. can breathe easier... that is, until an anonymous caller discloses the blood stained past of one of the five remaining detectives to Captain Green.  The informant traces the killer's atrocities from his military tour in Vietnam and Green then realizes the killer's true identity.
Simultaneously, the killer is confidently stalking his next victim, Steve Brannigan's wife, Barbara.  The scene shifts from the heat of the city to the cool beaches of Malibu, where the Brannigans are vacationing.  Alone, unaware and relaxed, Barbara encounters a visitor, the detective she knows as a friend.  Soon it becomes evident that this deranged guest has come to be her violator, the means to her end.
Amidst the ensuing attack, Steve returns and succeeds in saving Barbara's life, only to become the madman's hostage.  In an attempt for freedom, Steve is dragged to the beach by the killer, who is warding off advances by the now arriving police, fellow detectives and Barbara.  Hysterically, Barbara leaves the beach house clutching her husband's revolver and in a desperate attempt to save her husband, she raises the weapon, aims and fires.  It is done.  The life of a maniac is brought to an end; case closed.
Now life for the men in the precinct can go back to normal........ until tomorrow!
Available to all serious investors, Producers,directors, studios and literary agents

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